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Bonedeth Brigade and Kulé Krater

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The Bonedeth Brigade, allied with the Dark Heroes, have formed an offensive line at Kulé Krater, where they wait patiently for (Uberhero's name)'s forces to walk into their trap. (*)Recommended for leveling up / Ka-Ching.
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lv23 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv23
Bonedeth Brigade and Kulé Krater

Bonedeth Brigade and Kulé Krater

This is the fourth mission at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon.

Note: This level has a lot of fire in it so, it is recommended to bring fire-resistant equipment to avoid being ignited by fire.


First, kill the waiting-to-ambush Akumapons. If these can kill you, you should probably go level up elsewhere. Just ahead, there is a Fire Salamander. Be sure to run away when it blows up. A few march commands away, is a Bonedeth Tower that spawns Bonedeth. Knock it down to avoid having to fight a lot of them. Past that, is a fat Balrog. It is quite weak, and if you are strong enough, it will be dead within seconds. Along with the Balrog, there are some Akumapon spawned by a hut near the end of the level. Quickly kill them and move on to find another hut and a Fire Salamander, also spawned by the hut. Defeat them and move on to the hut with a fast pace, to avoid the need to kill several Fire Salamanders. Once you smash the hut to pieces, move on to the finish line to finish this mission.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth Brigade at Kulé Krater04:20

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth Brigade at Kulé Krater

Thanks to GeneralMcBadass for letting us post this

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