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Karmen, Akumapon

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Neogaeen Ruins

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Sky Castle Amattera


Bryun Snowfield

Background Music

Kachinkoron's Theme

Snowfield 1

Aimen and Makomen at the snowfield.

Snowfield 2

Patapons attacking the blizzard temple and Dark One

Prepare some Freeze resistant Rarepons if you have any, because the snow in this mission will freeze your Patapons a lot if they are not. If you can't get to Mofu or Koppen, Pyopo is a perfect substitute.

You find two Karmen soldiers in/on the watchtower. They shoot a short drama and die. Soon after Dark One and Black Hoshipon appear.This should be very familiar to people who played Patapon, because this a similar scene. Instead of Aiton and Makoton in Patapon, these guys are Aimen and Makomen. You'll face Dark One, this time in Akuma Toripon form. He doesn't pose much threat though. You'll constantly face Akumapons, but lucky for you, they occasionally drop healing potions as well.This is not a hard mission, but downright annoying if you don't have enough Freeze resistance. Keep pushing the demon army and you'll eventually arrive at a snow castle. It appears to be the source of the blizzard, so destroy it.This can be a drag since the wind is against you and your units are exposed to a chance to freeze while Akumapon keep respawning to bug you.When you finally destroy the snow castle, you get the Blizzard Miracle. March forward and just keep marching to the goal. Dark One and Black Hoshipon pose nearly no threat here.

Meden: "When we fought the Zigotons at the desert, there was a similar happening."

Meden's Assisstant: "Yes, and we killed a Zigoton Woman."

Meden: "She was ready to die!" "Yes, but I feel sorry for her."