Level Info

Big Chills in Pure Snow


Bonedeth, Golem

Next Level

Naughtyfins and the Ice Forest of Introversion, Hibernating Dragon (Optional)

Previous Level

Archfiend of Valor

Background Music

Ooh Datcool Theme

Ragewolf, with uncharacteristic aplomb, sought help before taking revenge on Uberhero, and braved the snow fields to seek Naughtyfins, the Dark Hero whose power was granted by the Archfiend of Purity. (*) Freeze-resistant equipment required!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv5 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv5

This is the first mission in theSnow Field of Sullied Tears.


You will see a snowball cannon with walls around it. Snowball cannons can freeze your Patapons with snowballs, so destroy it quickly. You'll soon reach a Bonedeth House, so break it, and then the small wall. Bonedeth troops will attack you, so keep moving , destroying small walls and fences, and a large Bonedeth wall with another snowball cannon in front of it. it. Yet again, more small walls are present, just waiting to be broken, and a Bonedeth Fort with another snowball cannon protecting it. Of course, Bonedeth soldiers will attack you while you break these. Suddenly, more Bonedeth and a Snow Golem will strike you! Kill these fiends, and break through a line of rocks ahead. At the end of this line is a large Bonedeth House spawning Snow Golems and Bonedeth! Eliminate them all, and march to the goal.


This level is all about knockback resistance. Make sure you have knockback resistance. Yarideths will use repel spears, and snowball cannons become a real nuisance, as they freeze, stagger, and add to the list of knockback inducing foes. If your strong class is your melee class, make sure they can endure the snoworb cannon pellets and knock it down.

To minimize damage taken, destroy Bonedeth tents and snowball cannons as quickly as possible. Bonedeth tents are usually respawn points for their forces. The more Bonedeth you end up taking on, the more damage you'll take. Be careful.

Another new threat appears in this level: Snow Golems. If you're fast, you will only have to take on one of these strong best, but if you struggle, you may end up taking on 3 or more. Golems have 2 moves: Arm attack, and Snow breath. You have one measure to gear up for either of them. You will notice that Golems use Arm attack when their head is tilted forward, and Snow breath when their head is backward. If your troops don't have enough defense, a Golem's arm attack can take out your entire squad in one attack. Be sure to defend, or if your troops are fast, run away. Use the Don Chaka Song after being hit by Ice breath and iced perdicoments.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 11 Snow Field of Sullied Tears - Big Chills in Pure Snow09:44

Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 11 Snow Field of Sullied Tears - Big Chills in Pure Snow

Thanks to GeneralMcBadass for letting us post this.

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