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Ekkora Oasis

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Big Battle at Ekkora Oasis is a mission in Patapon 2. After defeating the Zaknel in the Korakan Hot Sands, the Patapons arrive at Ekkora Oasis to find that the Karmen have created a deadly tower in their way!


Veteran players may remember a fortress (called Dekaton Tower) similar to this one from Patapon 1. Sleep and fire resistance is recommended, as the Karmen have Dream weapons and the Tower you will face has a flamethrower.

You may want to equip the Tailwind Miracle to make this mission easier. Once you use the Tailwind Miracle, enemy arrows will become useless. Just fire away from a distance, since the wind carries your arrows and spears far away. The Windmill is weak to fire, so fire equipment can be useful. After crashing through futile enemy resistance, you'll see Robomen's Tower. 

The windmill tower Robomen's Tower.

Those Robopon Karmen have variety of different weapons. Robomen will keep spawning from the windmill tower (hence the name). They shouldn't be too much trouble, but be careful of the boulders that the Robomen throw, as they can deal high damage and kill your weaker classes. After destroying the windmill, march forward to the end of the mission


  • This level has the same background as the level 'Sandy Paradise'.
  • The Windmill looks a lot like a Bonedeth fortress with the same color.
  • No two Robomen use the same type of arms. The arms used are Fire arm, Ice arm, Burst arm and Thunder arm.


Patapon 2- Mission 18 "Battle at Ekkora Oasis"

Patapon 2- Mission 18 "Battle at Ekkora Oasis"