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General Beetleton


Beetleton is the last of the four Zigoton generals introduced in Patapon. He appears as a brute Dekaton wearing an insectoid helm that grants him a large HP boost but lowers his movement and attacking speed. He wields a Dream Weaver in fights. He is defeated during the mission "Zigoton Queen". Beetleton is a challenging boss, partially because of Queen Kharma's interference and his brute strength. He also appears when fighting Spiderton, during the mission Across Enemy Territory, though he doesn't actually attack, only staggering you. After you defeat Beetleton he will drop his helm.

In Patapon 2, he is resurrected by Black Hoshipon, under the identity of Kuwagattan, in order to seek revenge on the Patapons. He will drop either Heaven Shoulders, or a Heaven Club, once he is defeated again.


General Beetleton's Territory

Beetleton is ordered to assist Spiderton and Ziggerzank. During Spiderton's fight with the Patapons, he fails, and retreats when Spiderton dies. Beetleton now becomes the last General of the Zigotons. Gorl orders Beetleton to stop the Patapons marching in the Zigoton interior with assistance from the now Souless Zigotons. During the battle, Queen Kharma comes to assist Beetleton, but he

Beetleton fighting the Patapon army.

declined, making her decision final to leave him to his fate. Beetleton failed to kill all the Patapons so he decides to die.


  • Normal Attacking: He attacks like a normal Dekapon .
  • Noshinoshizugan: Besides attacking with his hammer, Beetleton also smashes the earth in order to create powerful earthquakes that cause the Patapons to stumble momentarily. It can be deadly, so this attack must be avoided. This is similar to Dekapon's charge attack.


  • An effective strategy to take out Beetleton or Kuwagattan, is to use the Earthquake Miracle, or simply acquire troops that can endure multiple powerful attacks, such as Mofeel, or Mogyoon.


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