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Map 10


Zigotons, Karmen

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Ejiji Cliffs

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Centura Hidden In The Fog


Mt. Gonrok

Background Music

Ushishi's Theme

Battle at Mt. Gonrok is a mission in Patapon 2. At first, it sees the Patapons battling familiar foes, but an unexpected turn of events causes the situation to take a surprising turn.


You'll finally face Gong in this mission, so be prepared. As the scout Patapon told you, "Bring Tatepons to easily handle Kibatons". Make sure you're ready, because this is a long fight.

As soon as the mission starts, an injured Patapon warns you that Gong is not the enemy. Unfortunately, he dies before finishing the sentence, but you can probably guess who the real foes are...

You'll soon see Gong approach, ready for a fight. As usual, his main attack involves swinging his scythe and creating a tornado that tosses your Patapons around. To make the mission more annoying, Gong is practically invincible. You need to get rid of his minions in order to progress.

Gong's forces are composed of Kibatons, Yaritons and Yumitons. The Kibatons will charge and knock your Patapons back and Yumitons will fire arrows from behind Gong. Just defend when the Kibatons attack or when Gong winds up for a tornado, and pick away at the soldiers.

When you get rid of the first group, Gong retreats. Chase after him, fighting another group of Zigotons on the way. Once you take care of them, continue after Gong. There is a series of stone walls that protect Yumitons from your ranged attacks, so you'll likely spend quite some time here as they gnaw away at your army. Try to keep your units alive as they'll get a reprieve soon enough.

March past the series of stone walls and you'll find yourself at an open field full of grass. Zigoton reinforcements appear, but Yumimen will roast them with fire arrows. Infuriated at the loss, Gong immediately calls off his attack. He tosses you a potion that heals all your Patapons and retreats. However, Gong's talk with you was so long, the equipment and materials the Zigotons dropped have disappeared..

Now you'll be up against Karmen forces. Their stone walls and fortresses are no different from the ones you destroyed so many times in previous missions. They do have some fire weapons, but this part of the mission is significantly easier than the battle with Gong. Just break through the futile enemy defenses and it'll be over before you know it.

This level becomes a hunting mission after you complete it.

Post-Mission DialogueEdit

Meden: "Gong is testing you to lead us to the skies... How rude! Zigotons testing a God!"

Meden's Assistant: "But now we know the true enemy is the Karmen tribe.

Meden: "Yes... They attacked the Zigotons from behind. They're so cheap. They're unforgivable."

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