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Balrag is a larger and stronger variation of Balrog. He has a green and purple color scheme instead of a red and purple one, his hair is now black and points upwards, and his fork has five prongs instead of three. His attacks, however, do not differ from that of a regular Balrog, aside from dealing a lot more damage and his Heavy Belly attack being red instead of white which inflicts ignite instead of freeze.

He also appears in other stages such as "Evilmass of Adamance" and "Depths of Jealousy".

The only Patapon 3 DLC mission he appears in is Craggy monsters. In this mission, Balrag is at his strongest and can do more damage then in the other stages, equally he has a high health in addition to his high attack power. He can also heal 999999 HP when he eats his meat, meaning players will need a high attack power to defeat Balrag in this stage.


  • In Patapon 3 DLC mission "Craggy Monsters" Forudo Demons are taking 999999 HP from each meat bite.

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