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Attack and Dodge Practice



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Goroch's Theme

Attack while grabbing chests, and dodge attacks! Defense is useless against this large cannon! Observe its movement, and dodge with PON PATA PON PATA!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv1/ Reward: Wooden Chest Lv1

This is the third mission at the Patapon Training Grounds. It is a free mission.


Attack and dodge practice

Attack and Dodge Practice

Talking Sign will instruct you on how to dodge, and you will have fifty seconds to get as much treasure as you can while doding boulders fired by a giant cannon. When Talking Sign's speech bubble is red and he warns you the cannon is about to fire, dodge immediately using PON PATA PON PATA. You can get a key in this mission. Rewards are random. You can rarely get a golden chest.


  • Talking Sign at the beginning: "Practice attack and dodge! Use PON PATA evasion to dodge attacks and PON PON attacks to open treasure chests." "Defense is not enough to withstand these gigantic cannons!" "Press PON PATA PON PATA ♪ the moment it starts. ○□○□" "Here goes! PON PATA PON PATA♪ ○□○□ Press it right away!" "Get ready!"
  • Talking Sign when you're supposed to dodge: "Right now! Run away! PON PATA PON PATA♪ ○□○□"
  • Talking Sign when you're supposed to attack: "Attack to grab treasure! PON PON PATA PON♪ ○○□○"