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Attack and Dodge Practice



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March and Jump Practice

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Defence Practice

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Goroch's Theme

Attack while grabbing chests, and dodge attacks! Defense is useless against this large cannon! Observe its movement, and dodge with PON PATA PON PATA!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv1/ Reward: Wooden Chest Lv1

This is the third mission at the Patapon Training Grounds. It is a free mission.


Attack and dodge practice

Attack and Dodge Practice

Talking Sign will instruct you on how to dodge, and you will have fifty seconds to get as much treasure as you can before you're hit by a boulder fired by a giant cannon. First you must break a rock while dodging projectiles to find a level one wooden chest. You'll need to break a larger rock next, then a wall, and then a larger wall to get a level one iron chest. After doing this, a black treasure chest will appear. Break it, and an even larger one will appear. If you can manage to break it, you will find a level one gold chest. However, beware when Talking Sign's speech bubble is red and he warns you about the cannon about to fire. Dodge immediately when this happens. You can get a key in this mission.

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