Alchemy Machine

The alchemy machine, in its normal form.

Alchemy Machine2

Alchemy Machine, in its more energized form.

The Alchemy Machine is a complex machine that is used to make juice. He has a big moustache, and lazy looking eyes. He also has a glowing mouth, visible when in his excited form. His overall appearance is quite sad-looking. Once his assistants start poking at him, he becomes more excited or awake. The Alchemy Machine is operated by two Patapons named Tsuku and Tsun. The Alchemy Machine is featured in Patapon 2, in a minigame where Tsuku and Tsun poke him with javelins in time with a rhythm, resulting in him pumping gauges and making juice.


  • He is the only minigame character that does not have a name.
  • The Alchemy Machine is probably the most technologically advanced creation that the Patapons have.
  • He is the only minigame character that has two Patapons operating it.

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