Level Info

Across Enemy Territory



Next Level

Facing GateGhoul Baban

Previous Level

Volcano Guardian

Background Music

Oreoreore's Theme

Walkthrough Edit

The objectives here are just to destroy the Ziggerzank, which repeatedly fires sleep-inducing missiles at you, and the professional Kibaton, Spiderton. If you take too long, Beetleton will
Let's Play Patapon - Mission 25 - Crossing Zigoton Territory03:39

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 25 - Crossing Zigoton Territory

Thanks for TehNevs for letting us post this.

appear, but will just keep causing earthquakes to stun your Patapons leaving them vulnerable to Spiderton's attacks.

Tip: Use Earthquake Miracle three times to destroy Ziggerzank. Without his tank, Spiderton is quite easy to defeat, as he loves Ziggerzank so much as to stop attacking when it blows up.

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