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Zigotons, Karmen

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Nyokiri Swamp

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Ushishi's Theme

"Ahhh... Scary... How come that Gong revived my Lord... There must be some secret."
  — Meden 

If you've played Patapon, you'd be very excited to see the charismatic Gong again! Or maybe you'll want to throw your PSP for having to face him again. Yes, Gong has returned from the dead.

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If you look closer, Gong is seen there.

Before you start the mission, it is highly recommended to bring the Tatepon Hero if your army is mainly composed of Normal Patapons or low-level Rarepons.

You start the mission to see a horned hero standing on top of a metal tower. When he throws his mask away, it's none other than Gong himself.

Just like Hero Patapons, Gong deals some impressive damage. Lucky for you, he retreats as he destroys obstacles. Zigotons will find Gong and join him.

You'll just have to deal with the remnants of the Zigotons and not Gong himself. Gong and the Zigotons will destroy obstacles for you, so you just need to march and keep up with them. When a stone wall rises with a cannon, just let Gong and his gang destroy it for you and save your health by defending. This stage can actually get tough. You'll constantly face enemies and obstacles and there is no healing item in this stage. Don't worry if you lose a few Patapons. As long as you pick up the cap, they can get revived at Patapolis.

After chasing Gong for a while, he and his army fully retreat. At the same time the Karmen tribe will stop you from crossing their camp. So now you'll start fighting Karmen again. It's the same drill as the Fortress Siege mission, but since you're likely to be weakened from the fight against Zigotons, be more alert. Destroy Karmen fortresses and tribesmen that come out of there. Activate Hero mode as often as possible. A good timed Hero mode can save your troops or eliminate several enemies.

When you see an urn-like building, you know you're at the end of the stage. Destroy the building and the mission is finally over. Well, whatever the secret is, just know that this stage will turn into a hunting stage now.

In the hunting stage, you will run into Motiti (pink-striped Mochichis), Uri (a dangerous shark-beast), Parcheek (vicious, Kacheeck-like animals that morph into crab-like enemies) and Swamp Kacheeck for the first time. Later in the level, you will happen upon a Wep. You must retrieve the items from this Wep in order to pass the next level. The Wep will give you Rain JuJu, which you'll need on the next mission.


  • The game actually calls it "A Knight's Death" ("A Warrior's Death") when the stage is played.
  • The return of Gong has a similarity with the return of Almighty, as the 3 Yaritons are the first to join Gong's army again so as in the case of the Patapons when 3 Yaripons are the first to join Almighty's army.
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Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 7 - A Noble Death