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(Multi) Ice Dragon Inosen


Golem, Salamander Dragon,

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Bound for Higher Heights

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Ooh Datcool Theme, Ponbekedatta Rock

Multiplayer quests are designed for two or more players. This stage cannot be completed by one player. Play using ad hoc or infrastructure mode.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv21 / Reward: ?

This is the only mission at the Heights of Lust.


You will encounter a lot of Ice Salamanders and Ice Golems here, making Uberheroes with high critical and low attack power useless. Ranged attackers such as Yarida, Cannogabang, and Alosson are useful as they attack from a distance, making them unlikely to freeze while attacking. Other classes such as Shield Classes and some Spear Classes like Pyokorider are more likely to freeze. Freeze resistant equipment and Set Skills Antifreeze or Peerless Deer is vitally important for melee units. TaterazayPingrek, or Bowmunk along with Jamsch will do wonders for you, as Jamsch will put foes to sleep, and if you get injured, Pingrek or Bowmunk will heal you. If you can't find team members who don't have a good Pingrek or Bowmunk, a Taterazay hero will do.

Floor 4Edit

Heights of lust F4

This level can be done alone (contrary to what the game may say). Simply make your Uberhero a Tondenga and walk forward twice. Once you have done so, charge, attack, and then retreat. With the attack command, you will jump and hit the switch, and when you retreat, you will step on the ground switch which opens the gate. You must be aware of Ice Golems and Ice Salamanders on the other side of the door which will attempt to freeze you. There are three doors on this floor. The number of enemies increases as you go further into the dungeon and they also become harder to defeat.

Floor 5Edit

The uppermost floor of the Tower of Purity serves as the lair of a great ice dragon. One extra key required for first time.
  — Floor Description 
Heights of lust F5

This floor is filled with Ice Salamanders and Ice Golems like the previous floor except they will keep spawning from a Bonedeth Tent. You must march quickly to defeat the Ice Salamader then dodge the explosion, and march again to get to the Bonedeth Tent and destroy it before more Ice Salamanders will spawn from it, but you can also keep on defeating the Ice Salamanders until they run out of respawns. After dealing with the Ice Salamanders, you will face the Ice Dragon. Try and deal as much damage as you can before it attacks. Also, be aware that enemies such as Mutant Cyclops and Ice Salamanders will continuously spawn behind the Ice dragon, making it more difficult to defeat. The Ice Dragon is extremely weak to fire, so fire equipment is recommended. Upon defeating the Ice Dragon, march to the end of the level to stop the other enemies from spawning and collect your treasure.


  • Ice Dragon Inosen's name maybe a based on "innocent", as the Heights of Lust are localised above the Tower of Purity and innocence is synonymous of purity.

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