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Death, Baby Dragon, Dragon, Salamander, Fenrir, Dark Heroes,

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Volcano King of the Labyrinth

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Wa Wa What Theme, Ushishi's Theme, Down and Out Rock

Multiplayer quests are designed for two or more players. This quest cannot be completed by one player. Play using ad hoc or infrastructure mode.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv24+ / Reward: ?

This is the only mission for Depths of Gluttony. It can be played single player, but it is extremely difficult. Fire resistant equipment highly suggested.


First FloorEdit

Patapon 3 Depths of gluttony06:10

Patapon 3 Depths of gluttony

Run through the 1st floor

Starts off with an iron gate, which holds a wall of fire and another gate. Past the second gate lies a switch, Baby Dragons, Deaths, and Fenrirs. The next part is the same, only with a bigger wall of fire.

Second FloorEdit

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 208:34

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 2

Run through the 2nd floor

It begins with a locked door (first time) or a stone door. Behind it are two walls of fire, the first one with respawning Salamanders and Baby Dragons, the second one with a Dragon.

Third FloorEdit

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 304:46

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 3

Run through the 3rd floor

Superweapon Dahl awaits on this floor, using guidance beacons and missiles.

Fourth FloorEdit

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 405:01

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 4

Run through the 4th floor

This floor has walls of fire constantly sweeping through it, even going through iron gates. There are two rooms, the first one with respawning Deaths and a Thunder Lion, and the second containing respawning Deaths, Fenrirs, and a Reaper.

Fifth FloorEdit

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 505:52

Patapon 3 Depths of Gluttony 5

Run through the 5th floor

After going through a boss door, Hyumitto and his pack of Baby Dragons, Deaths, Reapers, and Fenrirs await on the final floor.


  • It is possible to obtain a Purple Jeweled Chest at the end of this dungeon, but rarely.
  • This is the only multiplayer dungeon with five floors. Other multiplayer dungeons only have two floors. This makes it the deepest dungeon in Patapon 3.
  • When playing through this dungeon, serious fire resistant equipment must be definitely considered, and if possible, fire immunity equipment. (Fireblessed Shield)
  • In the 1st floor, when the switch in the second fire is pressed, the fire will disappear and a Treasure chest or a Key will appear. If the player is doing the dungeon solo, the PON PATA song can be used to retrieve the key or chest.

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