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Level Info

(Multi) Desert Deth Squad


Cioking, Death, Balrog


Bottomless Stomach Desert (Dark)


Wa Wa What Theme

Face the desert deth squad of Reaper Deth-deth, Reaper Double-deth, and Barlag. And, the terrible, infamous true last boss!
  — Mission Description 
  • Can also be played single player.
  • Approx. enemy level: 115 / Reward: ?

This is the first DLC quest in the Bottomless Stomach Desert (Dark)


This mission contains some continuous spawning Deaths, Reaper, the stronger variation of Deaths, a Balrag, and a giant ultimate boss: Cioking.


Patapon 3 DLC (Multi) Desert Deth Squad01:55

Patapon 3 DLC (Multi) Desert Deth Squad

Desert Deth Squad Video

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