Level Info

(Multi) Demon Forudo


Balrog, Salamander, Death Dragon,

Next Mission


Previous Mission

Darkmask Demon Zuttankarmen

Background Music

Pala Biyappa Theme, Pipirichi's Theme

Multiplayer quests are designed for two or more players. This stage cannot be completed by one player. Play using ad hoc or infrastructure mode.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv25+ / Reward: ?

"One extra key required for first time"

This is the only mission at the Heights of Indolence. The first floor can be done single player, but the second floor requires at least two people, because is pretty complex. This dungeon is near-impossible for one person to complete, due to the guillotine trap on the second floor.

Floor 4Edit

The first floor is separated into 4 areas, each with a Guillotine between. However, unlike the previous mission, the Guillotines get larger each time and they only take 16 seconds to fall. After passing the first guillotine, there will be a Balrog along with many rocks. The second guillotine will be slightly bigger, but a Balrog and a Lava Salamander wait right after. Again as before, the third guillotine is larger than before. A Death now accompanies the Balrog and Salamander. Finally, the fourth guillotine is noticeably larger then the rest, easily taking up nearly 5 march distances. But afterwards, the last area will contain 3 Balrogs, 3 Lava Salamanders, a Death, and a Green Balrog. Once defeated, the Green Balrog will drop a key (Or if it is not the first time, It will drop a Treasure Chest) for the Demon Door to the next floor.

Floor 5Edit

An extra key is necessary for the first time. After opening the door there will be a area with grass and rocks, along with respawning Balrogs and Lava Salamanders. Once you have passed the rocks, there is a guillotine trap. However this time, the guillotine has three pressure plates: one on each side and one under. Pressing the center one without holding the outer ones will cause it to fall. If the center one is held and another player walks off the outer ones, it will still drop. Afterwards, there will be a Fire Dragon and Demon Forudo, a large Balrag. Defeat them to claim your treasure at the end!


  • Demon Forudo can be played alone if you turn on Ad Hoc Mode in the Herogate and host your own server. However the guillotine in Floor 5 is extremely difficult to pass without another players help.

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