Level Info

-Multi- Craggy Monsters Quest Info


Dogaeen, Balrog, Balrag, Golem


Plateau of Pompous Wings (Dark)


Bon Voyage Theme

Go on a rocky ride facing Stone Golems, Balrogs, Barlags and even the special giant warrior! Hint: it's a big one!
  — Mission Description 
  • Can also be played single player
  • Approx Enemy Level: 95 / Reward: ?

This is the DLC first quest at the Plateau of Pompous Wings (Dark).


In this mission you will face a variety of monsters: Dogaeen, Balrog , Balrag (a stronger version of Barlog) and Golem.


  • Stagger and fire resistance equipment is very important as Dogaeen and Balrag cause huge amounts of stagger. And Balrag attacks have a high fire rate so set skill peerless deer is very useful in this case.
  • Balrag can also heal 999999 HP when he eats his meat, meaning that you will need high attack power to kill Balrag
  • Balrag, Balrog and Golem will constantly spawn from a bonedeth tower at the end of the level
  • Dogaeen is easy to defeat as long as you have good equipment to defend and dodge his attacks and high attack power
  • Guardira is recommended as Guardira's hero mode can block Balrag and Balrog attacks if you are playing this quest with other players, if you want to do this solo Tondenga is a good idea (or it is possible with Cannogabang)


Patapon 3 - Multi Craggy Monsters with Four Grenburrs with Commentary07:12

Patapon 3 - Multi Craggy Monsters with Four Grenburrs with Commentary

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