Level Info

(Multi) Blizzard Tower Ice Legion


Dragon, Salamander, Golem


Snow Field of Sullied Tears (Dark)


Ooh Datcool Theme

Brave the snow-covered artic region, and face the Blizzard Tower Ice Legion of Snow Golems, Ice Salamanders, and Snow Dragons. Will you keep your cool?
  — Mission Description 
  • Can also be played single player.
  • Approx. enemy level: 80 / Reward: ?

This is the first DLC quest at the Snow Field of Sullied Tears (Dark).


This mission contains:Ice Golems, Ice Dragons, and Snow Salamanders.


All the enemies here are Half-bosses, so this is a harder mission than other missions containing Bonedeth. This mission is similar to 50 Cyclopes but the Cyclopes are replaced with ice creatures such as Ice Golems, Dragons and Salamanders. The ice creatures inflict a high freeze rate which can freeze you before you have a chance of attack. They also have a high resistance to freezing but beware that these creatures are much stronger than in previous missions as they have higher health and higher attack power. 

It's suggested you use a range attacker to deal damage from afar so you will not freeze up and constantly have to use the DonChaka song. If you are using an attacker with a melee weapon, make sure you have freeze resistant equipment or use Set Skills like Peerless Deer, Ice Resist, Anti Freeze, and if possible, Peerless Sheep. You can use whatever weapons you want as long as it has high damage, if possible use fire weapons as they do more damage towards ice creatures.

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