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Level Info

(Meanwhile...) Revenge of Thunder God


Ormen Karmen, Death


Greedy Mask Jungle (Dark)


Ushishi Rock

Alight, upon my hand, thunderous brilliance! Thunder god seeks revenge... Face him (Uberhero's Name)!
  — Mission Description 
  • Side story quest unrelated to main story.
  • Approx. enemy level: 120 / Reward: ?

This is the second DLC quest at the Greedy Mask Jungle (Dark)

This is a Patapon 3 DLC mission which includes the reappearance of Ormen Karmen.


  • Firstly, this is a hard quest, and it cannot be played multiplayer, so you probably shouldn't attempt it unless you are at least Lvl. 32.
  • When you start, you will come face to face with the Thunder God (A.K.A. Ormen Karmen). He has high health but this is not shown because he is a half-boss.
  • Also Ormen Karmen has Reapers with him, spawning one at a time, they deal high damage and cause Status Effects such as Poison and Sleep.
  • Ormen Karmen will use all of his attacks against you. Make sure you dodge with PonPata or DonDon.
  • Because Ormen Karmen has high health, it is suggested you have a Piekron Uberhero with you to amplify the damage you do. Make sure the Uberhero has the set skills Team Aid 1-2 equipped which can be gained from Charibasa. This will allow Piekron to triple all damage dealt by the team.
  • Tondenga is also suggested because he has high attack power and has high health. You can use a different Uberhero but your max attack power should be beyond 80,000. Grenburr is not ideal for this mission since Ormen Karmen flies above the ground and Grenburr hits the ground only and so Ormen Karmen can easily dodge Grenburr's attacks. Same with other Uberheros that attack on ground only.
  • Also when you deal a devastating blow to Ormen Karmen, he dodges by flying backwards to avoid any more damage.
  • Ormen Karmen once defeated will disappear into the black void that is behind him.
  • The Reapers will then stop spawning and you will be free to advance and reach the end of the quest.


Patapon 3 - Meanwhile..04:18

Patapon 3 - Meanwhile... Revenge of Thunder God with Three Charibasas

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