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Level Info

(Boss Battle) Terantus.




Field of Angry Giants(Dark)


Ho Hoi Yahha Theme


Golden and Jeweled chests; Levels between 10-40

Release date:

4 months after Japanese game release.

This giant, the Terantus, makes a rare appearance. It's rumored that this monster is the ancestor of an extinct race of evil looking giants!
  — Mission Description 
  • Single player OK; multiplayer recommended.
  • Approx. Enemy Level: 75 / Reward ?

This is the second DLC quest in the Field of Angry Giants (Dark)


A DLC (Downloadable Content) boss mission where you will fight Terantus. This mission is located at the Field of Angry Giants (Dark). Terantus is even stronger then the Gigante King, so be careful.


Gigante King except bigger, stronger, and possibly faster. Terantus' attacks are the exact same as Gigante King's. It is suggested that you do this quest with other players but it is possible to defeat him in single player. Terantus has a high stagger rate so stagger resist equipment is suggested.


  • Its name is derived from the metric prefix tera- (1012) which is larger than giga- (109), thus making Terantus stronger than Gigantus and Gigante King.
  • The set skill Peerless Sheep will make you invincible to all of Terantus' attacks.
  • Unlike other field quest bosses, Terantus is not a rare boss. This means you can fight him as many times as you wish.


Patapon 3 Boss Bosses 3 (Add-On) Terantus04:50

Patapon 3 Boss Bosses 3 (Add-On) Terantus

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