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(Biss Battle) Gheek Dongora


Gheek Dongora


Savannah of Envious Eyes (Dark)


Whoa Gyorocchi Theme

Face the most powerful, most feared demigod of all time. Even alone, this fiend is absolute destruction incarnate!
  — Mission Description 
Patapon 3 Bosses Gheek Dongora

Gheek Dongora

  • Single player OK; multiplayer recommended.
  • Approx. enemy level: 180+ / Reward: ?

This is the second DLC quest at the Savannah of Envious Eyes (Dark).


In this mission you will face Gheek Dongora, a stronger variation of The Other Vessel, is black and green instead of yellow. This quest has the highest enemy level in the whole of the DLC packs, and is the hardest boss to defeat in the whole DLC.


  • Gheek Dongora is a demon and so weapons with attack bounses against demons is highly recommended, like the Thor hammer which can be wielded by Tondenga, or the Holymadda Shivs which only Myamsar can use. If you have weapons which are Holy (they have the symbol [H] by their name) upgrading these weapons can be more effective than using Unique Equipment.
  • All of Gheek Dongora attacks are extremely devastating, most doing extreme, if not fatal, damage. Ranged attackers are not recommended as they will die easily by Gheek Dongora (with the exception of Piekron and Charibassa) but they are useful when Gheek Dongora goes into Giant Form. It is best to defeat Gheek Dongora as fast as possible, before it transforms into its Giant Form. Heavy attackers are recommended like Cannogabang, Tondenga, Charibassa and others. Set skills like Peerless Bow, Damage + and Monster Killer are useful when facing against Gheek Dongora.
  • When you first start the mission you will have to march for a short while towards Gheek Dongora in it's pre-battle form. Once you get near enough, Gheek Dongora will open up from it's pre-battle form, by the Seven Archfiends.
  • Gheek Dongora will then hover towards you and then hover backwards slightly, take this opportunity to attack before Gheek Dongora turns into chest mode. When Gheek Dongora's health is about 75%, it will then transform into Chest Mode and most likely transform again into Giant Form. Many players have lots of trouble getting to the other side of the Giant Form as the Zap Attacks cause heavy damage and status effects such as stagger and knockback.
  • When Gheek Dongora transforms into Giant Form, immediately march forward as the Zap Attacks have a less likely chance of hitting you, but because the Zap Attacks are random (or they have a lot of combinations) there is a chance you will get hit. Also when Gheek Dongora prepares for Face Slam, it will cease it's Zap Attacks, therefore allowing you to walk past unharmed but when Gheek Dongora unleashes Face Slam try to dodge out of the way with PonPata and then carry on walking. Also using ranged attacks can stop the Zap attacks by firing at the eyes where the zapper is charging from.
  • Once you have defeated Dongora you will be free to reach the finish.

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