Level Info

(Boss Battle) Fenicchi




Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon (Dark)


Ahh-woon Rock

Fenicchi the ageless patiently awaits the right moment to fly out from the flames, and it will fight, even if it's alone, to punish any intruders who would disturb its nest!
  — Mission Description 
  • Single player OK; multiplayer recommended
  • Approx. enemy level: 140/Reward: ?



(Boss Battle) Fenicchi

This is the first DLC quest at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon (Dark)

In this mission you will face Fenicchi. Being high powered and defensive units is extremely recommended, otherwise you will barely leave a mark on the bird.



This boss is one of the most powerful bosses in the DLC and in the Patapon 3 game, not only does it have high attack power but also high health, furthermore Fenicchi costly releases flame attacks so flame resistance equipment is recommended otherwise your Uberhero will be constantly be set on fire. Or you can use set skills such as peerless deer, big fish in pond (with rain dance of course). Peerless sheep is not recommended as it will cause instant death to your Uberhero. Also Bunny helm is also not recommended as it increases the damage taken from fire attacks. Unless you are using ranged attacker like Yarida, Alosson, Jamsch and so on. With ranged attackers you will need high attack to defeat Fenicchi quickly before it defeats your Uberhero or your Patapons, remember to dodge it's attacks to stay alive. Fenicchi is also strong against lightning and flame equipments so you shouldn't equip those kinds of equipment.

Also high attack power weapons is recommended or units that do lots of damage like Alosson who can do lots of damage over a short amount of time. High attack power is key to completing Boss Battles so you can defeat them quickly before the Boss defeats your Uberhero and Patapons.


It is much easier to defeat Fenicchi in Multiplayer then Solo. It is recommended that you have a solid defender such as Taterazay (if your teammates are melee units) or Guardira (if your teammates are ranged attackers). Your defender should have Set Skills such as Peerless Penguin, Peerless Tree (so they stay alive), Stamina Boast 2 or Shield Boast 2 and Peerless Deer.

While one teammate is the defender the other is the attacker and it is important for them to have set skills to enhance there attack. For instance if you choose to be a melee unit such as Tondenga, use Set Skills such as Club Attack or Strike Master or Slash Master. If your melee unit can use a shield, use Alldemonium Shield as it increases attack higher, but note that it increases damage taken.